The expandable Grundfos UPZC series of zone controls manage circulator and boiler control in residential hydronic heating systems. The nonnetworked devices control up to six heating zones and can be coupled together in various configurations to accommodate any application. Boiler pumps, domestic hot water pumps, system pumps and pump priority are all controlled from the UPZC control.

The zone relay control connects to standard thermostats using either two or three wires. The optional third wire provides 24VAC to thermostats that require external power. The UPZC operates in a cold start configuration with a call-for-heat from a thermostat. The module’s relay is energized which, in turn, switches 120VAC to activate the circulator and also provides a call-for-heat signal to the boiler.

Side-mounted terminals provide simple access and wiring, while the forward facing, easy-to-read LED display on the front panel shows system status and zone function.

All models are UL-listed in the United States and Canada and carry a three-year warranty.