The International Code Council, the National Fire Protection Association, and ICC’s Solar Rating & Certification Corporation have collaborated to publish the 2015 International Solar Energy Provisions and Commentary. The new publication includes solar energy code-related provisions, commentary and selected standards in a single, comprehensive resource to address the needs of the solar energy industry.

It provides information for the design, installation and administration of both solar thermal (or solar heating and cooling) and photovoltaic systems. The book contains the complete solar energy-related provisions from the 2015 International Codes with corresponding commentary, plus NFPA 70: 2014 NEC National Electrical Code provisions related to solar energy and three important referenced standards from ICC-SRCC:

•ICC-SRCC Standard 100 (Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Collectors)
•ICC-SRCC Standard 300 (Minimum Standards for Solar Water Heating Systems)
•ICC-SRCC Standard 600 (Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Concentrating Collectors)