Here are the remaining #5-7 ways to go about low-cost or no-cost marketing these days


5. Referral Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies there is. It’s also a great example of low cost or no cost. Recommendations from one satisfied customer who is willing to recommend you to their friends, relatives and acquaintances is what you’re after. There should be some reward for them doing this. It can be a discount coupon for both the new customer and the person who referred you or even a reward program.

Today, they can recommend you to an even wider circle by going online and into the social media world to brag about you.


6. Shoe leather campaignsare typically when your entire team takes your logoed vehicles into a service area you’re looking to reach more of your ideal customer base. You go door to door with colorful brochures and small logoed gifts designed to introduce yourselves.

Your goal is to put a face to your company and to burn an image in their mind that you want their business.

A careful selection is required of both the towns you’ll be going to and the assembled “leave behinds” you’ll want to invest in.

It also should be triggered by your Marketing Calendar so it is an ongoing endeavor.


7. Social Media is making use of outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as examples of good places to establish and maintain a social networking presence. To me, the key is to make sure that if you’re going to engage this approach you are ready to put out a steady stream of appropriate content suitable to social networking from a business approach. It is also wise to set a budget and seek out professional help. Some help will be determined by a balance of your budget for time you can spend on it and your budget for what money you have to spend.

Be aware that really strong social media shouldn’t be totally delegated. Even if you have professional help with supplying content and distribution and keeping it fresh you want to make sure that what is going out is in your unique “voice”. That way it is in synch with the uniqueness of you and your company. Being fake is likely to be exposed in short order.


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Is a State of Chaos the State You Live In?...

Here’s what just one client from Canada had to say:

“What I see straight ahead thanks to Planning Power! is how to be more focused. I’m well on my way to creating systems and procedures through Operating Power! We’re becoming a company on the road to harmony. And that’s a road I’m truly looking forward to traveling on. It’s funny to say but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and yes…it’s not a freight train headed my way!

I had an epiphany the other day while working with Al. His coaching had finally started to sink in when I realized that I can’t expect my staff to do what I want them to do if I haven’t first made it clear to them what it is I want them to do. And the only right way to do that is through documented systems paired with ongoing training and good communications.

If you find yourself in a constant state of chaos, now is the time to contact Al to get your company headed in the direction you want it to go.”


Kevin Dyer

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