aquamotion body


AquaMotion pumps are rugged, easy-to-install and feature quiet running operations. Compact, self-venting and maintenance-free, the pumps are high-torque direct-drive with low power draw. A patented green ECO-Cartridgeis field-serviceable and -replaceable. The cartridge is interchangeable with competitor units.

An interchangeable rotor cartridge is featured in iron, bronze and stainless pumps to reduce inventory. The pumps feature a high-capacity output for residential and light commercial heating and plumbing applications. The pumps feature a patented state-of-the-art bearing design and long-life stainless construction.

There are 31 pumps models available for heating, plumbing and recirculation systems for the residential and light commercial market. Performance range: 4 to 21 ft., 4 to 31 gpm, 0.25 to 0.79 amps.

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