Grundfos Pumps Corp.’s new rolling Mobile Education Center display is coming to a city near you.

Grundfos Pumps Corp.’s new rollingMobile Education Centerdisplay is coming to a city near you. The “Pumps On Tour” exhibit began its nationwide expedition this fall and already has been the focus of many hands-on educational events typically hosted at wholesaler and manufacturer’s rep locations. 

The trade-show-on-wheels occupies an entire 18-wheel Peterbilt truck and trailer with bold graphics outside. Inside is a classroom for hands-on training and a complete theater room for 40 or more visitors.

“The wheels won’t stop spinning for several months, and even then only for a short while,” announcedSteve Goble, Grundfos marketing director. “The truck and trailer were built to be seen and experienced. The MEC is more than a mobile display, it’s a hands-on laboratory and demo tool like nothing else in the industry today.”

The MEC made a stop in Pennsylvania recently when Grundfos held a grand opening of its enlarged training and fabrication facility in Allentown, Pa. During the day, manufacturer reps, OEM partners, and commercial engineering, contractor and wholesale distributor visitors toured through and experienced a wide variety of working pump displays.  

“We outfitted the MEC chiefly to demonstrate the capabilities of new products serving the commercial and industrial markets,” saidEd Smiley, Grundfos market development manager. 

The display includes the company’s new, expanded-range variable frequency drive systems, the variable-speed Magna pump for commercial hydronics, and the expanded CR line capable of pumping 800-1,000 gallons a minute. It also demonstrates the performance of Grundfos’ new sanitary pump lines for the food, beverage, biofuel and pharmaceutical industries with designs that exceed FDA triple-A requirements, and even the more stringent European standard, EHEGE.

“It’s all right here on the bed of this well-designed trailer,” saidDennis Wierzbicki, Grundfos president. “And we’re taking to it locations across the country. You might say we’re pretty pumped up about it.”

The trailer will run through Texas and New Mexico this winter. To see other locations and to learn more about the Grundfos exhibit,