PM Engineermagazine andJohn Siegenthaler, PE will continue their Modern Engineering Concepts webinars in 2008.

This series of intensive 90-minute presentations instruct on the latest concepts for modern hydronic heating system design in both residential and commercial applications. Learn state-of-the-art concepts that enable you to design efficient, affordable and reliable hydronic systems.

On Thursday, Feb. 14, at 1 pm ET, John Siegenthaler will present an online course on multiple mod/con boiler systems, "Defining the Future of Hydronic Heating," as part of his Modern Engineering Concepts series. Early-bird rate is $49 (expires Jan. 31) and includes downloadable resources and a Q&A session.

This program is sponsored by: Lochinvar.

On Thursday, March 20, at 1 pm ET, Siegenthaler will present "A Survey of Modern Mixing Methods." This Webinar compares and contrasts currently available mixing options for water temperature control in hydronic heating systems. It discusses 3-way and 4-way mixing assemblies, as well as injection mixing. We also will demonstrate how proportional reset mixing can be used to produce multiple simultaneous supply temperatures, as well as describe how to properly size, pipe, and adjust a variety of mixing hardware for optimal performance.

This program is sponsored by: Honeywell.

On Thursday, May 1, at 1 pm ET, Siegenthaler will present "Active Solar Heating: New Opportunities for Hydronic Professionals." It introduces viewers to the latest in residential and light commercial solar space and domestic water heating options. See how to configure solar thermal systems using the latest techniques and hardware, and learn how to predict the performance of such systems.

This program is sponsored by Caleffi.

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