Enertech Global Hydron Module Revolution Series water-to-water geothermal unit. Photo credit: Enertech Global

Homeowners of the latest project for PBS’ “This Old House” are installing a Hydron Module geothermal system from Enertech Global to provide heating and cooling to their Essex, Mass., home. The previous heating system used an oil-fired furnace with a single zone.

The Essex Project, which debuted on Jan. 17, takes on the challenge of restoring a 1930s cottage back to its original charm while adding updated amenities. Throughout the show, the homeowners will gain insight into the process of adding geothermal heating and cooling to an existing home, including the process of drilling vertical bore holes for the closed-loop system. A new Hydron Module Revolution Series water-to-water unit was installed for radiant heat, and it’s also ducted using a hydronic high-velocity fan coil. 

Tim Wright, Eastern sales manager at Enertech Global, was on-set during the install of the unit.

“‘This Old House’ is a fun set to be on. Throughout the day I was able to interact and have great conversations about geothermal with the installer from Bilo Plumbing and Heating,” Wright said. Bilo serves Massachusetts’ North Shore and works through Hydron Module distributor The Blake Group. “Bilo is a top-shelf contractor and the install was absolutely gorgeous.”

Enertech Global PresidentSteve Smithalso was involved in the project and attended the wrap party.

“Being involved in this project was a lot of fun for us, but most importantly we’re excited that viewers will have the opportunity to learn more about geothermal heating and cooling and the many advantages it presents to them,” he said.    

To learn more about the project or watch episodes online, visitwww.thisoldhouse.com.

Source: Enertech Global