idronics™:  Zoning Hydronic Systems discusses the principles of zoning and demonstrates a wide variety of applications.

The January 2009 edition of idronics™, Caleffi’s semi-annual design journal for hydronic professionals, is now available. This fifth edition on zoning shows how it is a preeminent benefit of hydronic heating and cooling. “When zoning is properly applied, it provides unsurpassed comfort control, flexibility and energy conservation,” according to Caleffi.

As with previous idronics editions, this design journal shows heating and cooling professionals how to take full advantage of the benefits of zoning. It discuses the principles and then demonstrates a wide variety of application drawings based on the latest hardware and design techniques.

“Designers must understand several principles that let zoned systems quickly adapt to constantly changing interior and exterior conditions,” Caleffi says. “The goal is to facilitate zoned hydronic systems that are flexible, reliable, highly energy efficient and simple to build.”

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