Working in the plumbing industry, you know how much of pain transporting ladders can be. Hauling them is tiring, repetitive work and can even be potentially dangerous. And even though many plumbers use ladders, not all workers are built the same. If you’re shorter or nursing an injury, loading and unloading your ladder can be much more difficult, especially if your company uses high-roof vans.

Since you can’t just stop using your ladder on the job, what can you do to make this part of your job easier? How can you reduce your injury risk and streamline your ladder usage in a cost-effective and efficient way? Two words: ladder racks.

How can ladder racks benefit you?

Your ladder is one of the most necessary tools in your construction business, and keeping it safe and secure is vital. Ladder racks help you by reducing your risk of injury, and make your job easier and more efficient. The benefits of ladder racks are numerous, and some of the most important include:

• More cargo space. When you’re working on a complex project, you need all the room you can get. Ladder racks are an easy way to give you more space in your work vehicle’s interior. No more storing big bulky ladders in the back of your van or truck bed. With ladder racks, you can free up that space for other tools and equipment you need.

• Reduced injury risk. As a busy plumbing professional, you can’t afford a work-related injury. Using an ergonomically designed ladder rack makes loading and unloading much safer for you. By omitting the need to haul your ladder in and out of your vehicle, hydraulic ladder racks cut down on back injury by doing the work for you. Innovative aluminum construction makes the rack lighter and helps fight corrosion.

If you’re a business owner with employees who use your equipment, it can be especially critical to get a ladder rack designed with workers’ safety in mind. By reducing the risk of injury among your employees, you can ensure a safe working environment and prevent the need for providing costly workers’ compensation.

• Secure storage. Your ladder is an essential piece of equipment in your business. Most ladders are expensive and heavy. Ladder racks remove the worry that can come from transporting such a valuable tool by securing your ladder tightly to the top of your vehicle, and eliminating slips and movement during your drive.

• Increased productivity. Ladder racks can increase your productivity by streamlining your ladder use. By cutting out time spent struggling to load and unload your ladder, you can remain focused on what’s really important — getting the job done. And ultimately, the more productive you are, the more money you will make.

Keep in mind that all ladder racks are not created equal. A good quality ladder rack will have a larger price tag but won’t let you down when you need it most. During your busy days, you need a ladder rack that will stay put and make your job easier.

Ladder racks come in many shapes and sizes, just as ladders do. No matter what kind of job you do or vehicle you drive, there is a ladder rack perfectly suited to fit your needs.