Solar thermal products from STR Spring 2012.

Lochinvar’s Strato-Therm+

Solar thermal storage tank

Lochinvar’s Strato-Therm+ offers the functionality of a solar thermal storage tank, indirect water heater and hydronic buffer tank in a single, space-saving unit. It is equipped with a solar heat exchanger connected to the storage vessel and a corrugated stainless-steel coil within the tank. As solar thermal energy adds to the copper tube spherical heat exchanger, heat introduces to the stored water and the heated water rises to the top of the storage vessel while cooler water settles at the bottom. Available in nine models ranging from 125- to 900-gallon capacities.

Lochinvar Corp.

Taco’s Solar X-Pump Block

Solar package

Taco’s Solar X-Pump Block combines a variable-speed solar differential temperature control, bronze collector and storage tank circulators, and a stainless-steel flat-plate heat exchanger into one compact package. The variable-speed controls match solar collector output, a feature that increases system performance by 20%. With four pipe connections, the installation is complete. The Solar SXPB sets up to maintain a temperature differential between the solar collector(s) and up to two storage tanks. The unit can support a booster pump as part of a drainback system, and comes with a heat dump option and freeze protection.


Sun Equinox VaporGenics air conditioner

VaporGenics solar air conditioner

The Sun Equinox VaporGenics air conditioner is an innovative system using hot water to create cold air. The proprietary VaporGenics process utilizes hot water from solar thermal collectors and the Sun Equinox storage tank as fuel to drive the air-conditioning compressor, thus greatly reducing electrical demand. The primary heat source utilizes natural gas or propane, allowing the system to function during nonsolar periods. Combined with other high-efficiency electrical components within the unit, this 9,000 Btu/hr. system operates on a minimal 300 watts.

Solar Usage Now.

Diversified Heat Transfer’s solar heat exchanger

Solar heat exchanger

Diversified Heat Transfer’s solar heat exchanger saves money by converting an existing water heater to a solar thermal storage tank. Single- or double-wall heat exchangers are available in multiple sizes and are prepiped and wall-mounted. Other features include a three-speed stainless-steel pump with unions and internal check valve, and a powder-coat-painted box.

Diversified Heat Transfer.

Caleffi’s StarMax V solar water heating collector

Labor-saving solar collectors

Caleffi’s StarMax V solar water heating collector is ideal for pumped glycol and drainback systems. The patent-pending design is similar to a standard four-outlet collector, but features a fifth outlet located at the bottom center and sloped internal upper and lower headers. When used in a drainback installation, the combination allows all fluid to drain without the need to pitch the collectors. Installers will appreciate the labor savings and owners will appreciate a collector array mounted plumb and level on the roof.


Wagner & Co. Solar Technology’s SECUSOL system

Hybrid solar drainback

Now available in the North American market, Wagner & Co. Solar Technology’s SECUSOL system is an active, closed-loop hybrid solar thermal system with an integrated drainback function using proprietary technology that eliminates stagnation or freezing. The storage tank, with an integrated drainage reservoir, receives all its fluid from the collectors and solar piping loop when the solar pump is idle. A “matched-flow” solar controller, pre-programmed with factory settings, accounts for on-demand operation. A 66- or 92-gallon solar tank with either one or two collector packages allows for appropriate sizing for any climate and hot water usage.

Wagner & Co. Solar Technology.

Pairing the Rheem SolPak active solar water heating system with Rheem’s 94% thermal-efficient Prestige Series condensing tankless water heater

Solar water heating system

Pairing the Rheem SolPak active solar water heating system with Rheem’s 94% thermal-efficient Prestige Series condensing tankless water heater ensures maximum efficiency while maintaining a high degree of comfort. This exclusive combination can reduce a homeowner’s annual water-heating bills by 70% to 80% when compared to annual operating costs for standard 50-gallon gas and electric water heaters, while maintaining a continuous supply of hot water. The SolPak system comes with everything needed for installation.