The newest in high-efficiency toilets from your favorite water closet manufacturers.

Niagara Conservation's Stealth toilet.

Stealth Toilet

Niagara Conservation’s Stealth toilet has the ability to achieve a powerful, quiet flush using only 0.8 gallons of water. Easily clearing all the waste in the bowl and eliminating the need for dual-flush systems, the EPA WaterSense-certified Stealth uses 37 percent less water per flush than a 1.28-gpf toilet. Compared to older 3.5-gpf toilets, the Stealth can save up to 20,000 gallons per year and up to $101 on water usage annually, depending on wastewater rate.
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Kohler's San Rafael Comfort Height Pressure Light model with Sloan Flushmater technology.

1.0-gpf Flushing

Sloan FLUSHMATE engineers WaterSense-compliant, high-efficiency, pressure-assist toilet systems for toilets such as Kohler’s San Rafael Comfort Height Pressure Lite model. The FLUSHMATE IV pressure-assist system offers powerful jet-siphon-action flushing while using only 1.0 gallons of water per flush. The 2 1/2-inch trapway is an effective method for eliminating waste.
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Briggs' M128 HET with Turbo 3 flush valve.

Flush Power And Conservation

Briggs Industries’ M128 High-Efficiency Toilet with Turbo 3 flush valve has a flush consumption of only 1.28 gallons per flush, which exceeds the MaP performance required for EPA WaterSense certification. The three WaterSense-compliant M128 models (round, elongated and ComfortFit) have MaP solids removal ranging from 750 to 900 grams per flush. All are constructed from vitreous china, have 3-inch flush valves and fully grazed trapways for quieter flushing and refilling.
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Zurn's EcoVantage.

Flush-Valve-Operated Toilet

Zurn’s EcoVantage series of water-conserving toilets are engineered for optimal performance and hygiene in the most demanding application environments. The EcoVantage toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush and feature sensor-operated flush valve and bowl combinations. The toilets are easy to retrofit because of a large footprint that covers most existing installations.
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Gerber's Maxwell 1.28 gpf model.

Water-Saving Toilet

Gerber’s Maxwell 1.28 is a water-saving, high-efficiency toilet that utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush, which saves 20 percent more water over standard toilets. Available in white, the Maxwell 1.28 has a 3-inch flush valve and a fully grazed trapway. The toilet is offered in round front, elongated or ADA-elongated bowl options and has a color-matched front tank level.
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Caroma's Somerton Smart 270 dual-flush toilet.

One-Piece Toilet

Featuring Caroma’s Smart Technology, which boasts 1.28 gpf (full flush for solids) and 0.8 gpf (half flush for liquids) flow rates, the Somerton Smart 270 includes an Easy Height fully skirted bowl (16 1/2 inches from floor to rim) for comfortable seating. Easy to install with an adjustable connector, the Somerton Smart 270 is available in round- and elongated-bowl options suitable for ADA installations. Circle 35

Danze's Cobalt Collection.

Elongated Options

Danze’s Cobalt Collection of water-saving toilets (1.28 gpf) comes in two variations - a two-piece elongated option and a one-piece compact elongated option. The toilets feature the same high-performance platform as all other Danze HETs - a 3-inch flush valve that ensures a powerful flush every time. Both toilets offer an elongated bowl and a 16 7/8-inch rim height to ensure maximum comfort, and provide ergonomic design. Circle 36

INAX Regio integrated toilet.

Spa-Like Toilet

INAX’s REGIO integrated toilet combines a balance of automated function, comfort, hygienic cleansing and antibacterial technology. Soft LED lights illuminate the bowl interior and foot area of the fixture. Music plays as the lid automatically opens to uncover its heated seat. A Silent Stream Flushing System delivers a powerful, quiet, air-driven flush and promotes environmental responsibility with flush rates of 1.1 and 1.6 gpf.
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American Standard's Cadet FloWise Concealed Trapway toilet.

Quiet And Powerful Flushing

American Standard’s Cadet 3 FloWise Concealed Trapway toilet offers sleek European styling and PowerWash bowl-cleaning technology for a quiet, yet powerful flush. A WaterSense-certified high-efficiency model, the Cadet 3 uses only 1.28 gpf. The toilet’s PowerWash system offers a powerful, yet water-saving performance by scrubbing the bowl with pressurized water during each flush.
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Penguin Toilets Model 524

Overflow Protection

When a clog occurs in the main trapway, Penguin Toilets’ patented secondary drainline takes over to prevent costly overflows. The Penguin Toilets Model 524 also features a 1.28-gpf WaterSense listing with a 3-inch flush valve. The toilet has registered a 1,000-gram MaP score and features a raised bowl height of 16 1/8 inches.

The Ilbagnoalessi One Collection from Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni and Laufen.

Italian-Designed HET

The Ilbagnoalessi One Collection from Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni and Laufen features soft, round curves, which symbolize the feminine aspect of the bathroom. The toilet is available as freestanding or wall-mount and meets EPA WaterSense specifications with a 1.28-gpf flow rate.

TOTO’s Carlyle II HET.

Bowl-Cleansing Action

TOTO’s Carlyle II HET saves money, water and time cleaning the toilet. With its 1.28-gpf Double Cyclone Flushing System, three actions occur almost simultaneously: a primary nozzle fires a high-speed stream of water that scours the rim and initiates the water’s cyclone movement. A second nozzle fires a second high-speed water jet around the redesigned bowl’s concave rim, providing a 360-degree rim and bowl cleansing. At the same time, the siphon jet harnesses the accelerating power of the rapidly rotating column of water for complete waste removal.