The City of Los Angeles reduced its water use by 17% according to apress release from the city. MayorAntonio Villaraigosaannounced that, thanks to Phase III water restrictions, water use in July 2009 went down by more than 17 percent overall from the previous year.
  • Single-Family Residential properties decreased usage by 20.1 percent;
  • Multi-Family Residential properties decreased usage by 8.3 percent;
  • Commercial properties decreased water usage by 17.1 percent;
  • Industrial properties decreased usage by 21.8 percent; and
  • Government properties decreased usage by 34.4 percent.
The city also reduced its energy use by a record of 318 gigawatt-hours for fiscal year 2008-09, amounting to removing 53,000 households from the grid and avoiding 178,700 metric tons of greenhouses gases each year.