Residential micro-combined heat and power technologies is now eligible for net metering in New York state, and ECR International (creator of the Freewatt CHP system), announced its support.

The revised legislation, signed into law Aug. 27 by Governor Paterson, expands New York State's current net metering law to include residential micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) technologies, like ECR’s Freewatt system, which combines an Energy Star-rated, high-efficiency natural gas or propane furnace or boiler with a Honda co-generator to produce heat and electricity for homes.

"The inclusion of micro-CHP as an eligible technology in New York State’s net metering law is extremely significant," announcedMichael Paparone, president and CEO of ECR International. "Net metering will allow micro-CHP homeowners to offset the cost of electricity they purchase from a utility by selling any excess power they generate back to the utility. We estimate this will save New York State homeowners approximately $1,000 per year."

The previous law permitted net energy metering for residential solar, farm waste, non-residential solar and residential and/or farm service wind electric generating systems. The amended law also requires electric corporations to permit net energy metering for micro-CHP generating equipment and to provide for the interconnection to the electric system of micro-CHP systems in the same manner as other eligible technologies.

The amended law takes effect immediately, but allows New York electric utilities three months to prepare for the appropriate changes. ECR International says it will be working with the utilities to help establish the procedures required to comply with the new law.

Source: ECR International