The company unites its water heating and HVAC entities into one, content-rich Web site.

Rheem unveils a new online resource for contractors and homeowners, It offers education and a wealth of information about the company along with interactive features, such as a home comfort tour. Visitors can familiarize themselves with Rheem’s full line of heating, cooling, water and pool heating, air purification, smart system controls, and whole-house stand-by generator products.

In the company announcement, Corporate Director Marketing CommunicationsEd Raniszeskicited the increasing number of consumers performing pre-purchase research online as the reason for the revamp: “It is important that is a valuable, easy-to-use resource for homeowners as well as a complete information source for distributors, agents, contractors, builders and specifiers.”

One key new feature is the inclusion of mapping software, which personalizes user-experience. The program recognizes each visitor’s geographic location in order to provide customized recommendations, such as region-specific limited-time special offers or identifying local Rheem contractors.