Bathers can have it all with the touch of just one button on the new ioDIGITAL™ shower system from Moen. This innovative, easy-to-use interface gives consumers the ability to set and maintain water temperature and flow with electronic precision. No longer will homeowners be faced with cold shocks or the need to scramble to adjust handles upon entering the shower.

The foundation of ioDIGITAL is its intelligent interface. Providing quick, visual feedback, LED indicators flash until the requested settings are achieved – no more guessing if your shower is ready. Each LED on the temperature indicator represents a precise temperature range, which allows the consumer to adjust the exact temperature to their liking. Even if water is turned on in other parts of the home, ioDIGITAL will virtually eliminate any noticeable fluctuation in water temperature. The LEDs will even alert the consumer if the hot water supply happens to run low.

Programs preferred settings into memory, ioDIGITAL technology is powered by an electronic valve that manages the hot and cold water supply. The valve can be located up to 30 feet from the bathroom for easy installation and retrofit flexibility.

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