• Getting proper tub fit
  • End to skid marks
  • Reach your tools

  • Flexible Fit

    Ever get a leaking trip waste on an old tub or a tub that was re-fitted with a new liner, and when you install a new one, the telescope gasket never seems to fit the angle, no matter how you spin it?

    Try this. It works every time. Use a tank-to-bowl kit gasket; it’s thick and the same size as the telescope. You can trim it with a sheet rock knife for any custom angle. This is also very good on steel tub installations; it prevents chipping and warping of the cover plate, unlike the hard rubber one that requires you to crank down for that watertight seal.

    Michael Marvon
    Lesco Plumbing
    Fairfield, N.J.

    Unlikely Cure

    With the ever-decreasing amount of flushing water available for newer toilets, the frequency of bowl skid marks has increased. When I recently installed a new toilet in my own house, it became a major, personal problem. When the Domestic Commander-in-Chief gave the order to “Do something, Mr. Plumber,” drastic measures had to be taken. I could find no aftermarket products at my usual trade sources to eliminate the problem.

    Enter the “cure.” I bought a bottle of Rainex windshield rain-and-bug repellant at the auto supply store. I cleaned and dried the interior surfaces of the toilet bowl and applied the Rainex as directed. Voila! It worked. The silicone base of the Rainex seems to do a pretty good job inhibiting the formation of the dreaded skid marks.

    Steve Paul
    Jack Doland And Sons Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric
    Somerset, N.J.

    Stick It

    Here’s a trick if you’re ever in tight quarters and you find yourself not being able to reach your tools. Stick a dab of Plumbers Putty on the surface in front of you. There you can stick your flashlight, tool or whatever you need to get the job done. Works great!

    James Brown
    Watchtower Plumbing
    Wallkill, N.Y.

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