Charlie Banks, group CEO of Wolseley plc, rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on July 5. The event commemorated Wolseley's fifth anniversary on the NYSE and Banks' five years as CEO. Banks retired on July 31 after 39 years with the company. Wolseley is the parent company of Newport News, Va.-based Ferguson, where Banks was previously president and CEO.

Pictured are (left to right): Fenton Hord, CEO, Stock Building Supply; Mike Grunkemeyer, business development director, Wolseley; Chip Hornsby, incoming CEO, Wolseley; an unidentified NYSE representative; Charlie Banks; David Peebles, retired former president and CEO, Ferguson; Banks' wife Mari Ann Banks; John Stegeman, president and CEO, Ferguson; Frank Roach, CEO, Wolseley North America; and Larry Stoddard, senior vice president of business development, Wolseley.