Plastic Repair Stick:The Stiction® E-Z Weld Plastic Repair Stix™ fromBar's Productscan rebuild semi-flexible plastics. The convenient 2-oz. tubes of permanent plastic repair epoxy putty can be cut, drilled or sanded once cured. Resistant to water, oil and antifreeze.

Biological Activator:Bio-Tab™from Century Chemical Corp. increases the anaerobic bacteria action of a septic tank and aerobic action in the drain field, promoting better breakdown of solids and waste throughout the system. Available in tablet form, Bio-Tab is environmentally friendly.

Reduces Fires:LA-CO Industries'Cool-Gel™ Heat Barrier Spray minimizes the potential for accidental fires and heat damage to property and fittings. The clear, nonstaining formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running. It is water-based and evaporates completely, leaving behind no residue and eliminating cleanup.

Bowl Cleaning System:Fluidmaster'sFlush 'N' Sparkle™ toilet bowl cleaner features bleach cleaning power and an in-tank delivery system. It uses the bowl's refill cycle to inject bleach only to the bowl with every flush. Won't damage parts or hinder operation. Cartridges are easy to replace and supply more than 1,000 bleaching flushes.

Odorless Adhesive:ThePowers Fasteners Inc.AC 100 Plus epoxy acrylate anchoring systems feature faster curing times, higher load capacities and an odorless, nonflammable formula. Can be dispensed with a standard caulking gun or pneumatic dispensing tool.

Toilet Deodorant:The Eliminator F2 formaldehyde chemical toilet deodorizer from DelVel Chem Co. works in any temperature. Comes in ready-to-use or premix formulas in several fragrances - mulberry, bubble gum, cherry or mint. For use in portable toilets or holding tanks.

Waterproof Repairs:MagicBond™ epoxy stick fromDevconcomes in a 4-oz. stick of two-part epoxy putty for sealing leaks and repairing gouges in steel, aluminum, wood, ceramics and fiberglass. It has a waterproof formula that provides long-term underwater sealing in emergency situations.

Root Intrusion Solution:RootXis the original, non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. It foams on contact with water to kill roots and inhibit growth. It contains no copper sulfate or metam sodium and is effective directly from the package or with existing equipment.