Tyco Fire & Building Productsannounces the CHEC sprinkler, a new concealed, horizontal, extended coverage sidewall sprinkler. The "CHEC" (Concealed Horizontal Extended Coverage) sprinkler is designed to incorporate an unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing, "push-on, thread-off" cover combined with a horizontal sidewall. It is capable of providing a quick response and extended coverage rating from 16 ft. by 14 ft. to a maximum 16 ft. by 22 ft. area per single sprinkler.

The sprinkler is listed for the protection of light hazard occupancies, and has a nominal 'K' factor of 8.0. It can be installed 4 to 12 inches (100 to 300 mm) below a smooth and level ceiling. The new sprinkler is well suited for occupancies such as dormitories, hotel rooms, reception areas, office buildings, banquet facilities and hospitals.