If your neighbor calls at 2 a.m. to tell you some guy is breaking into the back of your truck, what would you do? Floyd Furr laughs.

“The reflective material on the mural makes it look like somebody is standing in the back of the truck at night,” explains Furr, president of F.H. Furr Plumbing in Woodbridge, Va.

Furr’s one-ton mini-cube Chevrolets are the talk of the town (and the talk of his competitors, too). It features a vinyl mural of him waving from the back of the “open” truck. The blue shelving unit and gray drain snake are exactly placed as if the door was open. “Almost every day someone says something about the truck. It’s been great.

“We hired a professional photographer and had a 4 by 6 ft. piece of vinyl made,” Furr says. The idea was borrowed from a fellow Contractors 2000 member, Jim Shafer of Shafer Services Inc. in San Antonio, Texas. The first mural was installed last January. Five trucks currently have the picture, but as Furr turns over his fleet he’ll be popping up on more trucks — 25 in all.