Intellect, innovator and gentleman passes on Dec 30, 1999

E. Robert Kent succumbed to a stroke at Heritage Harbour Health Center near Annapolis MD. on Dec. 30, 2000. He was 87. He was a co-founder of the Poole & Kent Co., in 1947 and was recognized throughout the industry as a visionary, an intellect, an innovator, a humanitarian, an environmentalist, and a gentleman. He dedicated much of his professional life to enhancing the image of the mechanical contracting industry and to improving the professionalism of the mechanical contractor.

PM editorial director Jim Olsztynski knew Kent since the mid-1980s and regarded him as one of the industry's most interesting people. "Attending MCAA Conventions, I was always struck by how he attended so many seminars, even as he advanced in age and retired from the business. He had an intellectual hunger that could never be sated. I will miss his friendship and his wisdom."

Highlights of Mr. Kent's service to the MCAA include the following:

  • First chairman of the association's Management Method's Committee.

  • Elected president of the MCAA in 1972.

  • Received the coveted Distinguished Service Award in 1977.

  • In 1990, MCAA established the E Robert Kent Award for Management Innovation.

  • In 1999 was presented with an MCAA Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Those interested in making a contribution in his memory should contact either the Sherwood Forest Endowment Fund, Sherwood Forest, MD, 21405, or the E. Robert Kent Scholarship Fund, University of Maryland, 2119 Main Administration Building, College Park, MD. 20742.