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Right On The Money

Frank Blau's Business Tips column, "Money Can't Buy Us Love," in your August 2000 issue, was right on the money. Thank you for running it and thanks to Frank for writing it. A cogent item on SWEA is like money from home.

As chairman of MCAA's Government Affairs Committee, I am very pleased to hear some balanced consideration of the SWEA proposal in the trade press. Too often and too quickly, others have decided that a $15,000 tax subsidy for standardless training in a few selected industries is a wise solution to a long-term industry problem.

MCAA's Government Affairs Committee has taken the position that the SWEA measure is a hasty proposal that misses the mark by a far piece. Unfortunately, it is not unique for that reason.

What rankles most, however, is that many of our colleagues in the business and their associations have too eagerly dropped their guards against over-regulation and opted instead to go for the cash tax subsidy. Consistency will have value and currency only so long as commentators like Frank Blau keep at it. Thanks.

Anthony Marandola
Chairman, MCAA Government Affairs Committee
John Marandola Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Warwick, R.I.

Blame Someone Else

In response to Julius Ballanco's September column, "It's The Hot Water, Stupid," I offer the following: Why blame the contractor, installer or inspector? I blame the manufacturers, supply houses, etc. I know that I can go down to the Home Depot and buy as many two-handle shower valves that I can afford. This is where I feel the problems should be stopped.

Plumbing inspectors don't see all installations. As a plumbing designer, I have been specifying anti-scald shower valves for more than 20 years and would never consider anything but.

Ron Pedatella
P.L. Frank Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa.


I'm absolutely, positively certain that Gary Hayden did not intend an R-value of 40 for combined carpet and pad over a radiant floor ("Ground Rules, September 2000).

Fred Rapp
Easy Heat Inc.
New Carlisle, Ind.

Gary Hayden responds: Fred is right. The R-value should be from 1-2.5.