The Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago and the Chicagoland Better Heating-Cooling Council (CBHCC) have announced a joint service training venture called the MCA/CBHCC Service Technology Institute. It will include all educational programs offered by the two groups for service contractors and their employees.

In the 2000-2001 education year, the Institute includes the following program offerings: "Fine Tuning Your Communication Skills;" "Giving and Receiving Feedback;" "Presentation Skills;" "How to Sell to Selfish People;" "Introduction to Direct Digital Controls (five weeks);" "Testing, Balancing & Adjusting Refresher;" "Testing, Balancing & Adjusting-Water;" "Top 10 Dumb Things People Do With Water;" "Why Construction Organizations Fail;" "Recruiting Mechanics and Hiring Apprentices;" "Powerflame Burner School;" and many more.