In November, Houston-based Comfort Systems USA announced the merger of two of its largest companies, Helm Corp., San Diego, and Weather Engineering, from California Comfort Systems. According to the company, the merger will result in a $60 million/year, full-service mechanical contracting firm offering a range of professional HVAC installations, including plumbing, process piping and controls.

In other news, Comfort Systems CEO Bill Murdy announced a “steady progress” for the company, and reported net income at $175,000 for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2003, as compared to $3.74 million in 2002. Net income of continuing operations was $3.42 million as compared to last year's $3.58 million.

The company reported revenues of $210.19 million, down roughly $2 million from the previous year.

“Excluding a modest restructuring charge, operating margins were up from the second quarter and virtually unchanged from last year's third quarter. This reflects our best year-over-year margin comparison in over a year, as our diligent cost containment kept pace with continuing gross margin pressure,” Murdy reported.