A pair of Providence, R.I., Roto-Rooter technicians will be featured in a reality TV series this fall on the SCI-FI Channel. The show "Ghost Hunters" will follow Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, two of the country's most experienced paranormal investigators, as they explore the "other side" at night, but also will film as they perform daily tasks as Roto-Rooter plumbers: interacting with customers and other technicians on the job.

Wilson and Hawes, who is founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), spend most nights and weekends researching old buildings, ships and lighthouses around the country using hi-tech infrared cameras, sound monitoring equipment and other gizmos to find scientific explanations for claims of apparitions and ghostly encounters.

The show is produced by Pilgrim Films (of "American Chopper" and "American Casino" fame). The Cincinnati-based Roto-Rooter Inc. was approached about the possibility of filming the men's adventures through their general manager, Wayne Rathier. The company then sought counsel from another prominent business, Southwest Airlines, about expectations, prospects and pitfalls of having Roto-Rooter on camera. (Southwest Airlines has been the focal point of an A&E reality series, "Airline," for two seasons.)

Convinced by Southwest's positive experience, Hawes, Wilson and Roto-Rooter will be featured in 10 hour-long weekly programs (check local listings for times). Roto-Rooter does not pay for the privilege of being featured in the show, nor does the network pay for the use of the company's name, logos and employees.

"We're optimistic the added exposure will give us more of a boost than any TV commercial ever could," says Paul Abrams, public relations manager for Roto-Rooter. "All sides get what they want."