After auditioning for the show for 12 years, Lindsay Peet finally competed on “Jeopardy!” in February.

Peet has watched “Jeopardy!” since he was a kid in New York. Although he has always loved learning, it was not until he lost his thumb in a pipe threader accident that he took some time away from the hands-on aspect of plumbing for college courses — and auditioned for the show. The show’s test consists of 50 questions from 50 categories. Those who audition must score at least 70 percent to qualify for the second-round audition: a mini version of the game.

It was on Peet’s third try that he made it to this second round. It wasn’t until his fifth try, however, that he won in the second round to be eligible to compete on show.

Peet appeared on “Jeopardy!” four times in April, although the shows had been taped in February. He had three-day winnings of more than $22,000.

“I’m proud of upholding the honor of plumbing contractors everywhere,” he said about his accomplishment.

Peet plans to remain working at Wm. A. Peet & Son in North Hollywood, Calif. — the company his great grandfather began 100 years ago.