The Quality Service Contractors took another step forward at its Power Meeting VIII in Melbourne, FL, announcing that its membership has grown more than 25 percent since its last annual meeting, electing two new trustees and featuring world renown author Michael Gerber for a day’s session.

The highlight of the February weekend convention was Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revolution. Gerber and an assistant delivered a high energy presentation to more than 170 people discussing how to maintain a successful small business.

“If you’re there to solve problems, you’re doing the wrong thing,” Gerber said. “Don’t solve problems, seek opportunity.”

Gerber spoke for several hours about his theories of setting up and maintaining business. Gerber believes the fatal mistake in the plumbing industry is that workers believe since they understand the technical work of the business they can build a business.

“Experience is the worst teacher in the world because it only teaches you what you know and what you did,” said Gerber. “These beliefs keep us from knowing the truth.”

Gerber continuously compared running a plumbing business to Ray Kroc’s system of setting up McDonald’s. “The sole reason for being in business is to sell it,” Gerber said. “Your system has to work every time. If McDonald’s were a restaurant they’d be out of business.”

“The purpose of business is to give you more life, not take it,” said Gerber. “You need to go to work on the business, not in it.”

In other news, QSC Chairman Bill Trombly said, “QSC is a financially sound group. We’re moving forward with our goal of 600 members by 2000.”

Trombly said he expects the organization will produce more programs, in addition to continuing its customer relations training seminar.

Two new trustees — Rebecca Gold and Richard English — were elected unanimously.

“I’m very excited about becoming a trustee,” said Gold, of Wigginton’s Plumbing Service in Sylmar, CA. “I’ve tried to prepare myself for this.”

English, of R.S. English Plumbing & Heating in Plainview, NY, said, “I want to be part of this growing organization. I’ll bring new ideas to the discussions.”

QSC’s next meeting is in Portland, OR, June 4–7.