According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal government and the states have invested almost $53 billion in the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program to rebuild and refurbish the nation's wastewater infrastructure over the last 18 years. The program includes annual EPA contributions matched with at least an additional 20 percent from the states. The states, in turn, make low-interest loans to local utilities.

The report, "Clean Water State Revolving Fund Programs: 2005 Annual Report," also highlights the innovative ideas of state programs and includes an update on the financial performance of the program. To access the report, click on the link below.

In other news, the EPA joined with the World Health Organization and other partners to launch a new Internet resource -- the "WSPortal" (click link below). The portal will assist countries in delivering safe drinking water to their citizens by using Water Safety Plans, health-based risk assessments that identify problems in a water system and chart corrective actions to take.