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Each year, Plumbing & Mechanical editors receive thousands of product releases from industry manufacturers. The 20 products highlighted here have earned the distinction of being Plumbing & Mechanical’s Top Products of 2023 based on the number of pageviews on Congratulations to those products on this year’s list.

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NTI Boilers hydronic boiler

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #20 NTI Boilers hydronic boiler

Image courtesy of NTI Boilers

NTI Boilers announced the latest evolution of the TFT line, the new TFTN series delivers trademark dependability with a new, industry-leading touchscreen design and robust new control designed for improved precision and efficiency, the company says. The TFTN offers onboard Wi-Fi capability to provide contractors with more functionality and diagnostic ability from anywhere, anytime. It features NTI’s newly-designed EZ Set Up Wizard, easy installation with top or bottom supply and return connections, direct vent options or use with indoor combustion air, and an integrated three zone controller.

NTI Boilers |

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Noritz tankless no roof kit

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #19 Nortiz tankless no roof kit

Image courtesy of Nortiz

Noritz America maximizes ease of installation with its new No Roof Kit. With this accessory, premix burner Noritz tankless water heaters can be installed without the installer setting foot on the roof, offering time-, labor-, and cost-savings in residential applications. Not only does the No Roof Kit eliminate the contractor’s need to climb on the roof to install venting for the tankless water heater, but drilling holes in the wall for exhaust is also no longer needed. Best suited for single-story homes and attic installs, the No Roof Kit includes three, 36-inch polypropylene (PP) pipes and a PP-PVC adaptor, a 2-inch single vent (SV) conversion kit, and a diffuser kit. To use the kit, a pre-existing, 3- or 4-inch circular B-vent, no longer than 8.5 feet, with a straight vertical shot from the ceiling to the roof, is required.

Noritz America |

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Weil-McLain residential boiler

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #18 Weil-McLain residential boiler

Image courtesy of Weil McLain

The Weil-McLain ECO Tec Series 2 features integrated control software that allows for multiple boiler configurations. With an optional multi-boiler wiring kit, users can operate up to eight ECO Tec boilers simultaneously. Compatible with the Weil-McLain ProTools app, allowing contractors to view operational logs, faults and warnings, software update options and a “clone to phone” setting that copies settings for easier installation.

Weil-McLain |

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RectorSeal outset seal linset protection

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #17 RectorSeal outset seal linset protection

Image courtesy of RectorSeal

RectorSeal’s Outset Seal, an adjustable lineset protection system for ducted and ductless HVAC installations, is designed to protect indoor areas by blocking air leakage, moisture penetration and rodent intrusion and hiding unsightly wall penetrations where HVAC linesets enter or exit structures. The product is backed with RectorSeal’s three-year limited warranty that requires no registration. Suitable for both new and retrofit HVAC installations, the Outset Seal kit includes a 12-by-12-inch panel that will accommodate HVAC linesets up to measurements of 7/8-inch outside diameter with ¾-inch of insulation.

RectorSeal |

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Webstone boiler vent valve

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #16 Webstone boiler vent valve

Image courtesy of Webstone

Webstone, a brand of NIBCO, announced a new patent-pending Boiler Vent Valve. This space-saving valve expands the utility of a boiler’s existing 3/4" pressure relief valve (PRV) port, capitalizing on its location at the top of the unit as the ideal placement for an air vent and other accessories. Its automatic air vent can be isolated for service, allowing the PRV (included with the boiler or sold separately) to operate unobstructed. Plugged FIP ports accommodate the installation of a low-water cut-off device and/or pressure gauge if so desired.

Webstone |

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Bradford White tankless water heater

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #15 Bradford White tankless water heater

Image courtesy of Bradford White

With stainless steel heat exchangers and multiple venting options, the ENERGY STAR-compliant Infiniti GS and GR tankless water heaters combine reliability with flexibility to meet the demands of both residential and commercial applications and accommodate a variety of installations. Both models boast a wide array of features to increase efficiency and make service and maintenance more convenient, with the GR adding an integrated recirculation pump with dedicated connection and the GS featuring a high temperature setting of 180°.

Bradford White |

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REHAU manifold connectors

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #14 REHAU manifold connectors

Image courtesy of REHAU

REHAU’s proprietary compression-sleeve fitting technology expands with EVERLOC+ R-20 manifold connectors for hydronic applications. R-20 connectors support leak-free reliability in a one-piece assembly including an EVERLOC+ insert with a pre-installed O-ring and swivel nut. Available in 3/8” to 3/4” sizes, R-20s install onto PRO-BALANCE manifolds with standard wrenches.


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Webstone expansion tank service assembly

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #13 Webstone expansion tank service assembly

Image courtesy of Webstone

Webstone, a brand of NIBCO, announced its new Pro-Pal E-Tank Service Assembly. This patent-pending solution simplifies the installation and service of any hydronic expansion tank. Its forged brass design features isolation valves for the system, a dedicated drain valve and a convenient union connection at the expansion tank to provide a greater degree of control during installation. An automatic air vent, pressure gauge and steel mounting plate are also included.

Webstone |

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Infinity X1 hybrid flashlight

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #12 Infinity X1 hybrid flashlight

Image courtesy of Infinity X1

Created from durable and rugged aircraft grade aluminum, the Infinity X1 LED Hybrid Powered flashlight series features high lumen counts, three lighting modes, dual power options, IPx4 water resistance and 1 meter drop protection. Available in four different lumen strengths, the flashlights come with two power options, one rechargeable battery core with a built-in USB-A cable to easily recharge, and a USB-A port to serve as backup power for other devices. Striving to reduce the environmental impact of technology, the hybrid-powered flashlight series helps guide customers to a rechargeable future while still providing a versatile, convenient dry-cell battery option.

Infinity |

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Resideo water leak shutoff valve

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #11 Resideo water leak shutoff valve

Image courtesy of Resideo

Resideo’s new Braukmann L5 Wi-Fi Water Leak Shutoff Valve connects to the main water supply and can automatically turn off the supply to the home if a water leak is detected. Designed with the professional in mind, the high-quality valve is easy to install, support and offers easy monitoring via the Resideo App, the company says. An included 5' cable sensor can be plugged into the L5 that detects water along its entire length. The L5 can also connect with future and existing Resideo Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detectors to expand the coverage. Connect up to 100 sensor cables and lay them through a basement or utility room to extend the sensor length up to 500'.

Resideo |

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CeramiCircuit radiant electric heating panels

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #10 CeramiCircuit radiant electric heating panels

Image courtesy of Radiant Electric Heat

CeramiCircuit radiant electric heating panels include lay-in panels for 2’ x 2’, 2’x 4’ and 1’ x 4’ drop ceiling applications, wall-mounted cove panels, and units for hard surface ceiling and suspended installations. CeramiCircuit Radiant Electric Panels combine a high-purity aluminum oxide trace, through a proprietary process, to a core designed for optimal thermal transfer, resulting in 52% greater downward radiant output, the company says. All CeramiCircuit Radiant Panels are covered by a 10-Year non-prorated warranty.

CeramiCircuit |

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Rinnai wall-hung commercial boiler

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #9 Rinnai wall-hung commercial boiler

Image courtesy of Rinnai

The new high-efficiency RCB-Series wall-hung commercial condensing boiler delivers reliable, energy-saving performance, the company says. The RCB-Series has a stainless-steel water tube heat exchanger and 97% thermal efficiency within a compact design. The premix burner performance reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases turndown ratio — set at 10:1 for precise load tracking and energy savings. The RCB-Series is easy to program, access and monitor performance data onsite or with new connectivity features. Multiple boiler configurations can be accommodated with the Integrated Cascade Logic.

Rinnai |

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A. O. Smith residential heat pump water heater

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #8 A. O. Smith residential heat pump water heater

Image courtesy of A.O. Smith

The Voltex 120V Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) is specifically designed to meet the demands of gas replacements, offering an easy 120V installation that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The Voltex 120V model can be plugged directly into a shared circuit wall outlet, ensuring a simplified installation process. Top water connections and a zero-clearance design support an easy installation for contractors and allow for the unit to be installed in a variety of applications. Furthermore, the Voltex 120V unit is ENERGY STAR-certified and qualifies for many federal, state and local utility rebates. The Voltex 120V HPWH comes equipped with an included leak sensor and shut off valve, providing enhanced protection and minimizing potential water damage. Homeowners can also stay informed and in control with iCOMM remote monitoring notifications, allowing for proactive monitoring and maintenance.

A. O. Smith |

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Bell & Gossett circulator pump

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #7 Bell & Gossett circulator pump

Image courtesy of Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett’s ecocirc 20-18 circulator pump provides high flexibility and high energy efficiency performance across a wide range of pumps and sizes. With seven different product settings, including purge, SP and Delta T, the ecocirc 20-18 is a cost-effective and inventory-reducing solution for most residential systems and potable water systems. With an integrated drive and ECM motor, the pump operating speed can be varied to meet the system operating requirements. Available in stainless steel or cast-iron construction, the ecocirc 20-18 fulfills any heating, cooling and potable water applications. With convenient flange-to-flange connection design, installation into any system, including retrofit applications, is easy.

Bell & Gossett |

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Trane air to water heat pumps

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #6 Trane air to water heat pumps

Image courtesy of Trane

Introducing the new Ascend Air-Water Heat Pump Model ACX from Trane (140-230 tons cooling, 1500-2500 MBh heating) – a perfect fit for meeting sustainability and efficiency targets for heating or cooling from one electric source, the company says. The ACX’s built-in heat pump advances building electrification by reducing or eliminating gas-fired boilers and shifting HVAC system energy use to utility grids increasingly powered by renewable energy resources. Booth #B3217.

Trane |

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Uponor push-to-connect fitting system

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #5 Uponor push-to-connect fitting system

Image courtesy of Uponor

TotalFit is the professional-grade, engineered polymer (EP), push-to-connect fitting solution that provides greater value for residential projects with the same versatility and speed as brass push-to-connect fittings, the company says. Now, plumbers have a trusted, reliable push-to-connect fitting option in sizes from 1/2" to 1" that works with any copper tube size (CTS) piping, including PEX, PE-RT, CPVC and copper.

Uponor |

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Taco Comfort Solutions’ air-to-water heat pump system

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #4 Taco Comfort Solutions’ air-to-water heat pump system

Image courtesy of Taco Comfort Solutions

The System M consists of a sleek, quiet, inverter-driven outdoor heat pump that can be up to 4 times more efficient than a gas furnace, the company says. A plug-n-play appliance, its packaged design makes installation less intrusive; no refrigerant or gas lines are needed. System M integrates with almost any high-efficiency heating and cooling system. The installation time is decreased by eliminating the work to design, procurement and installation of all the required hydronic components. Just 6 connections needed; 2 connections to the heat pump, 2 connections to the domestic hot water tank (DHW) and 2 connections to the heat and cooling system.

Taco Comfort Solutions |

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Uponor residential radiant heat panels

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #3 Uponor residential radiant heat panels

Image courtesy of Uponor

Designed for residential new construction and remodels, Xpress Trak is a single-panel system with lightweight XPS foam at its core and laminated aluminum around the entire surface to provide heat-transfer capability. It is designed for use with 5/16″ Wirsbo hePEX oxygen-barrier PEX-a pipe and includes a low, 5/8″ profile to minimize construction in remodel projects, as well as 6″ on-center pipe spacing to accurately meet residential radiant application needs. The panels work well under most floor coverings. Additionally, the product features straight runs and return bends integrated into one panel for faster, easier ordering and installation, the company says.

Uponor |

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METUS cold-climate heat pump

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #2 METUS cold-climate heat pump

Image courtesy of METUS

The MUZ-FS H2i plus heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric keeps homes warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. This cold-climate heat pump provides 100% heating capacity at -5° F and energy-efficient cooling in the summer. The product also features Dual Barrier Coating, which prevents dust, particles and oils from building up, resulting in reduced maintenance, increased efficiency and cleaner airflow.


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Johnson Controls-Hitachi air-to-water hear pump

PM Top 20 Products of 2023: #1 Johnson Controls-Hitachi air-to-water hear pump

Image courtesy of Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls-Hitachi’s new Yutaki M R32 monobloc air-to-water heat pump is an all-in-one solution, delivering heating, cooling and domestic water heater with an external tank. The 3-ton and 4-ton systems feature a newly designed, vapor injection twin-rotary compressor which maintains heating capacity up to -13° F temperatures. Utilizing a monobloc design, the self-contained Yutaki M R32 system features low-GWP (global warming potential) R-32 refrigerant and a 4.66 COP and 4.8 EER. Coupled with a compact footprint, the all-in-one heat pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications including residential and retrofit projects.

Johnson Controls |

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