Lime-Set is a new product designed to save mechanical contractors time and money, the company syas. With its simple two-piece patented system, it is quick and easy to use. Simply place the Lime-Set base plate under the floor drain/cleanout, tighten the floor drain/cleanout to hold the base plate in place and put the Lime-Set cover on. Note: This piece can be trimmed to the desired height prior to pouring concrete. Once the concrete is poured, the floor drain/cleanout can easily be found with its lime green exterior. When the flooring contractor comes to install flooring, simply cut the Lime-Set cover, discard and thread the floor drain/cleanout up to match the finished flooring height. No more chipping, grinding or buffing. The floor drain/cleanout is protected and in pristine condition with this simple and economical solution. Lime-Set is available at select plumbing wholesalers.