Rasmussen Mechanical's team of welders, pipefitters and boiler makers took off their welding masks and joined forces with Convoy Of Hope to donate more than $17,000 to a worthy cause.

As part of a (COVID-delayed) 50-year anniversary celebration, over 200 Rasmussen Mechanical employees from offices across the Midwest, along with their significant others, converged on Rasmussen Mechanical's headquarters in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Together with Convoy Of Hope’s help, they were able to pack a semi-truck with over 5,000 disaster relief kits.

“These kits will likely be going to those effected by the tornados that hit across the Midwest and the areas affected by the flooding of the Mississippi river, but they also could end up internationally, in places like Ukraine and Sudan.” said Ally Hotze, RMS Corporate Event Coordinator

The kits include essentials for people affected by natural and humanitarian disasters. They include things like soap, towels, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc.

“We hope this will provide tangible aid to those struggling through disaster. Convoy of Hope is often the first to respond when disaster strikes, and we are just happy we can help them continue to be a positive force for good during crisis,” Hotze said.

If you would like to support Convoy Of Hope in its efforts feeding children, empowering women, training farmers, responding to disasters, or serving a community in need, visit convoyofhope.org.