Watts is helping bring heat to a Nebraska veteran’s tiny house — soon enabling him to live in a heated home for the first time in years.

The project in Hubbard, Nebraska, is a partnership between “Project Veteran Tiny Home” in Hubbard, Nebraska, and Support Siouxland Soldiers in Sioux City, Iowa. Recently, the “Tiny Home” project lead contacted Watts, who, in turn, donated 500 square feet of its SunTouch WarmWire heating cable, Command Thermostat, plus related supplies.

The home is one of a growing number of “tiny homes” in the U.S., which meet a variety of low-cost housing needs. When finished, the veteran’s 500-square-foot home will include a bedroom/living room, full kitchen, a bathroom, and will enable him to leave the camper where he lived previously.

“We finally got everything installed and it’s warm! I cannot thank you enough for everything,” said Heather Millard, the project lead, who approached Watts after living for years in a home with a Watts heating system. “Rick Lewis (our veteran) was so impressed!”   

For more information about SunTouch heating systems, go to SunTouch.com.