Bonomi’s S250 series stainless steel in-line check valves are now NSF 61/372-certified for potable water and lead-free applications. All six sizes of the NPT threaded S250 series, from 1/2” to 2”, have been certified lead-free to NSF/ANSI 61 by the methods prescribed in NSF/ANSI 372.

Bonomi S250 series check valves feature a cold-formed 316 stainless steel body that gives users the highest Cv at the lowest cost, the company said. The metal forming process allows an improved flow profile inside the valve body to minimize head loss. It also eliminates machining for reduced manufacturing cost.

The S250 series is electron beam welded at the end cap-to-body connection creating a unibody for leak-free service. The low-cracking 1/2-PSI spring-loaded FKM (Viton) seat provides high flow capacity, minimal head loss and dependable, bubble-tight protection against reverse flow, the company noted.

They are rated to 250 WOG with an operating temperature range of -4° F to 302° F.  

“The NSF 61/372 certification means our S250 check valve is now approved for drinking water applications in all 50 states,” said Rick Wentzell, marketing director for Bonomi North America. “We’re very happy about that from a marketing perspective, and a public health and safety perspective.”

Bonomi offers one of the largest selections of quality brass and steel in-line check valves, available in a wide range of sizes to meet growing market demand. For more information on Bonomi NSF 61/372-certified S250 series check valves or other Bonomi products, call (704) 412-9031 or visit