Although durable in construction and versatile in use, duct tape comes in many types and sizes. Shurtape Technologies' features a simplified general purpose offering. Considered the workhorse of the duct tape world, general purpose duct tapes are designed for everyday use in a range of applications, from seaming, sealing and bundling to repairing, holding, goosenecking and more, the company notes.

Shurtape’s general purpose duct tapes, ranging from 6 to 9 mils thick, offer a variety of characteristics, including easy handling and tearability, good conformability, and good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. That offering includes:

• PC 6: An economy grade, 6 mil duct tape for non-critical, general use applications, including packaging, bundling, sealing, repairing, holding and waterproofing; 

• PC 7: A utility grade, 7 mil duct tape that offers aggressive adhesion for sealing, seaming, repairing, holding and waterproofing applications, even in cold temperatures;

• PC 8: A general purpose grade, 8 mil duct tape with aggressive adhesion and cold temperature performance for sealing, seaming, repairing, holding and waterproofing applications, as well as for tasks in the restoration industry; and 

• PC 9: A contractor grade, repair duct tape that offers superior adhesion with excellent holding power for sealing, seaming, repairing, holding and waterproofing applications, as well as for tasks in the restoration industry, such as holding poly-sheeting.

For added strength and durability, these general purpose duct tapes are constructed with Shurtape’s Polybonded CO-EX Technology, a co-extrusion process during which polyethylene, cloth and adhesive are melded together in a single, high-temperature step. This method of duct tape construction delivers a seamless, airtight construction that adds strength and prevents delamination failures, particularly when the tape is subjected to repeated stress or weather elements, the company says.

“Understanding the differences between the various duct tapes available — and how to pick the best tape for the job — could be the deciding factor between a sloppy rework and a job well done,” said Kelly Patrick, product marketing manager for cloth and duct tapes at Shurtape. “It’s important to consider characteristics like thickness, adhesion, tensile strength, and even clean removability, to ensure excellent performance and superior results. But still, there are a number of options to choose from. That’s why we’re on a mission to decode duct tape with our easy-to-decipher general purpose line-up.”

For more information on choosing the right duct tape for the job, visit Shurtape Technologies.