Warmup’s DCM-PRO Cable is ideal for use with Schluter DITRA-HEAT, Prodeso Heat Mat and Flextherm FLEXSnap uncoupling systems. It has a fluoropolymer inner jacket, strong and flexible multi-strand core, and full earth braid covering for safety. The outer jacket is made of PVC. It is highly flexible and extremely easy to install. The cable thickness is 3/16” (4.5mm - +/- 0.2mm) and it gives an output of 13.5 W/ft2. It can be easily repositioned and installed in different patterns in a matter of minutes, if the installation requires modification for any reason. There is no need to peel off tape, recalculate cable spacing, or make new markings on the floor. It works best with the 4iE Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat. It is offered with a 30-year warranty.

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