Viega, best-known for innovative press technology systems for both commercial and residential projects, offers training in a variety of formats ranging from single- and multiple-day courses at its state-of-the-art educational facility in Nashua, N.H., to onsite installation demonstrations, as well as full-day seminars offered at locations across North America on crucial industry topics.

This year, Viega hosted water quality- and pathogen control-focused seminars in four U.S. cities and radiant heating and cooling integration seminars in three U.S. cities, attracting participants from across North America.

International and multilingual training programs were established by customized training needs identified for customers in Spanish- and French-speaking communities.

“We’re relied on for our knowledge in this industry,” said Toby Diaz, Viega’s technical sales manager for Florida and Latin America. “Viega is ahead of the curve and innovative when it comes to helping train participants to be smart with buildings. The training in Spanish has been very well received. We’ve been able to provide training to participants from many different countries, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Panama.”

Francis Longtin, Viega’s district sales manager in Quebec, said: “For the first time, we were able to offer training in French outside of Quebec. This has been a great way to demonstrate our respect for and commitment to these customers. We’ve drawn more contractor participants than ever before and watched attendance grow. We’ve received very positive comments on Viega striving to meet the needs of contractors. Often it’s the first manufacturer training in French they have received and they are more comfortable with everything presented.”

Industry-related education is available for every experience level, from beginner system installers to skilled engineers on a variety of subjects including press technology, gas-fitting, pathogen prevention, radiant design, solar and geothermal systems, radiant heating and cooling, hydronics and more.
“Viega is happy to offer custom training if one of our existing classes doesn’t fit with a specific need; that’s how we were able to develop the international and multilingual training that we offer today,” said Jason McKinnon, director of technical services. “People who participate in our training can take what they learn in our classes and expand their knowledge base throughout their careers. Viega’s instructors have years of industry experience and expertise to answer any question.”

Viega’s industry training programs are designed to deliver top-notch industry and technical training from professional, experienced and engaging instructors. CEU programs are also available.

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