Caleffi’s free Coffee with Caleffi webinars continue in November with the first of a two-part series on proper selection of components for hydronic systems. The Nov. 19 session will focus on key components for hydronic boiler systems, how they work and their application considerations. You can register for this webinar here. Topics include:

• With so many component and feature choices, how do I decide which are best for my application?
• Pressure, temperature, flow rate — what are the components’ role in their control?
• What problems can arise with improperly sizing components?
• Combination devices — what is their attraction? Trade-offs?
• What are practical component maintenance tips?
• What are effective ways to protect high efficiency equipment including boilers and pumps?

The series concludes on Dec. 17 with a look at key components used in renewable energy hydronic systems. You can register for this session here. Topics include:

• How do renewable energy fuel source systems differ from traditional fuel source systems?
• What are the more common RE systems?
• What renewable energy system components are manufactured differently than traditional? Why?
• What are popular combinations of RE and non-RE systems?
• What unique component selection mistakes can occur in RE systems? Operation mistakes?

The webinars are led by Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, the company’s education and training manager. Rohr has more than 30 years of experience in plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy applications.