Liberty Pumps hosted an open house April 27 to celebrate its building expansion in Bergen, N.Y. An estimated 700 employees, family members and other local residents attended the event, toured the facility and watched product demonstrations.

The building addition broke ground in 2014 and increases manufacturing and warehouse space by 81,600 sq. ft. It expands the engineering area used to develop and test new pumps by another 14,200 sq. ft., which will allow more space for equipment required for the company’s qualification as a CSA test facility. A noteworthy feature in the lab is a 20,000-gal. test pit, which resembles a lap pool but in fact supports the company’s expanding product line.

An additional 23,000 sq. ft. houses a training center with a hands-on product demonstration area, sales and marketing offices, a historical display, a shop for Liberty Pumps’ gear and a multipurpose room with 80 seats. In all, the construction project adds more than 123,000 sq. ft.

President and CEO Charlie Cook, who joined Liberty Pumps in 1972 as a design engineer and has led the company since 1975, welcomed employees and guests from a stage set up in the warehouse. His uncle, Fred Cook, founded Liberty Pumps in 1965.

Along with tracing the company’s history that began in a substantially smaller factory in the area, Charlie Cook recognized local dignitaries and key members of the construction team. He also introduced members of Liberty Pumps’ management team and board of directors.