PM’s own Editorial Director Jim Olsztynski will welcome scores of Radiant Revolutionaries to the Radiant Panel Association Conference in Providence, RI, this month with his keynote speech, “The Industry’s Greatest Dilemma.” From April 17-19, radiant devotees will have the opportunity to explore topics such as selling radiant systems, floor coverings, hydronic ceiling heating, technology in sales, electric solutions for small spaces, and injection mixing with top industry experts like PM’s Frank Blau and John Siegenthaler, P.E.

“There will be well over 1,000 contractors, engineers and dealers,” says Larry Drake, RPA’s executive director. “We have been able to enlist the help of some excellent speakers to ensure an exciting program.” The three-day conference features two “tracks” of seminars — one for those just entering the radiant field, and another for those experienced in radiant heating and wish to upgrade their knowledge. There is also a track for individuals interested in the sales and marketing side of the business.

Hurry, there’s still time to join the revolution. More information and a registration package can be obtained from RPA at 801/245-0128.