The Drain Surgeon of Southern California not only performs expert plumbing repairs, it does a great job restoring vehicles as well. The eye-catching graphics and beautiful finish of February's Truck Of The Month attest to that.

The Drain Surgeon's president, Eddie Edwards, informs us that when he purchased the 1993 Isuzu NPR used from another plumbing contractor, the truck was in need of numerous mechanical repairs. What attracted him was not the cab, but the box itself, with a classic George Brazil bin setup. After investing an additional $8,000 on the cab and adorning the truck with the unmistakable logo - a masked surgeon wielding a pipe wrench - the result is the striking vehicle pictured above.

Prominently displaying the company's phone number and Web site address, the bold graphics and blue-and-white color scheme complement the truck's clean lines to give it a classic look that belies the vehicles' age.

The result is a rolling billboard that has helped greatly to increase business. The only truck the company has purchased used, the restoration project is one of 13 vehicles in a fleet that has become an integral part of the Drain Surgeon's corporate identity. Do the trucks bring in more business? "Absolutely," states Edwards. "The first thing people mention when I tell them what business I'm in is, 'Oh yeah - I've seen your trucks.'"

After its transformation, the used truck fit right in with the brand-new models in the fleet. After all, if you're in Southern California, you've got to look good - and it's amazing what a little cosmetic surgery can do.