Hurricane Ian has left nearly 600,000 Florida homes and businesses without power, with much of the southwestern part of the state with no running water at all.

With so many in need, Sloan’s Mobile Restroom drove down to Cape Coral to provide a bit of comfort in uncomfortable times.

This fully-equipped deluxe portable restroom combines comfortable and customizable hardware with easy-to-maintain design to deliver guests with a hygienic, clean and welcoming experience for those impacted by the hurricane. Sloan rolled out these mobile restrooms around the United States with the purpose of supporting communities affected by natural disasters, emergencies and other catastrophic incidents, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hurricane Ian left thousands of Floridians without basic essentials like running water,” said Peggy Gilmore, Sloan vice president of experiential marketing. “That’s why Sloan developed its Mobile Restrooms to help in times of need across the country. The fully-equipped restroom traveled to Cape Coral to provide a bit of comfort through a hygienic, clean, and welcoming experience for those impacted by the hurricane.”

The Mobile Restroom is designed with universal accessibility in mind. Each unit is split into men's and women units to accommodate both sexes with designated separate entries. Both areas feature ADA-compliant modifications as well. All Mobile Restroom units are outfitted with energy-saving technology and sanitizable surfaces that make long-term usage and maintenance easier.