Aquatherm has released an updated version of its North America Installer Manual. The Installer Manual covers best practices, safety, and planning for the proper installation of Aquatherm polypropylene piping systems.

Important updates to this 7th Edition of the manual include: 

  • Information on Aquatherm’s adoption of the latest DVS polypropylene fusion parameters. The standard referenced for butt fusion of polypropylene pipe, DVS 2207-11, was updated in 2017 to provide for significantly reduced heating and cooling times (and thus faster fabrication and installation times). Aquatherm has adopted the standard after extensive testing and verification to ensure its suitability across all compositions, sizes, and SDRs of Aquatherm piping.
  • A new chapter on butt fusion that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for performing this technique, as well as photos and “Pro Tips” to help ensure the highest quality fusions.
  • Updated fusion charts for Aquatherm-approved butt fusion tool manufacturers, with their latest equipment represented.
  • An updated section on unions.
  • Updated references to the latest Aquatherm Technical Bulletins and instructions on signing up to receive the latest technical information (

The online version of the Installer Manual is available at ( The online version is constantly updated and represents the most current version of the manual. Hard copies of the manual are available from your local Aquatherm Manufacturer’s Representative or Regional Sales Manager.