PM July 2020 Winner:

Stay sharp

Carry lengths of pipe in a standard cargo van and eliminate roof racks. There’s room enough (in most cases) above bins. You can store 10-foot lengths of pipe best on the driver’s side, inside for easy access. It is better than using coils of pipe when piping a job and it makes it look plumb. 

Now, you can go through your favorite car wash without having to take racks off. It also keeps your ride looking sharp!

John M Burns
John M Burns Heating & Air & Plumbing
Morganton, North Carolina

Best of: August 2006

Unstuck, Part III

My tip is for those pain-in-the-butt winged faucet nuts. The hardest place I have seen to tighten those things are on pedestal sinks, where a basin wrench won't fit and channel locks are knuckle-busters. What I did was take a piece of 1/2-inch pipe and cut four notches in the top in a plus pattern. You now have a “wrench” that is a perfect fit for those hard-to-reach places.

Jason Owens
Rick’s Plumbing Service
Cleveland, Tennessee