Changing out a food waste disposer

When changing a garbage disposal I use a small hydraulic bottle jack to raise the disposal up and hold it into place so I can twist the collar to make the connection. Much easier on the shoulders.

Frank Grammo

Frank Grammo Plumbing and Heating

Littleton, N.H..


Setting electrode spacing

When setting oil burner electrode spacing, you can use Allen wrenches. Set the electrode spacing from each other and the nozzle by using the Allen wrench size that corresponds to the dimensions listed in the burner manual.

Joseph Simpson

George A. Green Plumbing

Woodbury, Conn.


Fixing leaky shower valves

When replacing leaking shower valve seats, take the new seats and apply ample pipe dope to the threads and seat rim opposite the face. This will take up the slight imperfections in both the shower valve and new seat and eliminate the minute drip later on.

John Hosey

Hosey Plumbing and Heating

Lindenhurst, N.Y.


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