Marketair’s easybend by Castel Engineering is a quick and easy soft copper pipe bender that eliminates variable refrigerant flow and minisplit lineset installation kinks. The kit consists of four color-coded, industrial-grade, solid polyethylene mandrel diameters. It is 13’ long (4-m) and fits quickly, but snugly into soft copper lineset tubing sizes of ¼” (4-mm), 3/8” (6-mm), ½” (9-mm) and 5/8” (12-mm) (O.D.). It prevents collapsing and kinking while making bends of up to 180-degrees (dependent upon individual lineset manufacturer tolerances). Post installation, easybend is easily extracted, wiped clean with a cloth and perpetually reusable for future projects. The kit is packaged in a transparent, sturdy plastic, 18” square reusable carrying bag with a cardboard hang-tag.