What originally began in 2007 as a remodeling company, founded by Edan Bar-Lev and younger brother Aviran Bar-Lev, branched off into plumbing in 2014. The design-and-build firm focused on high-end home additions and extensive remodels. Based on the length of the time their projects required, the Bar-Lev brothers became friends with their clients. These friends would consistently reach out to them regarding plumbing concerns ranging from minor drain clogs to new water heater requests. However, the remodeling company was positioned for new construction and did not perform plumbing service and repair so they could only resort to referrals.

Edan Bar-Lev, a licensed general contractor and plumber, decided the natural progression was to open his own plumbing division, Do It Right Plumbers, to satisfy the needs of all their customers. He wanted to go against the grain, to be different and offer something he knew first hand was what customers were looking for. The goal was to create a company focused on customer service, acumen and to provide the best plumbing experience possible.

With an eye for detail, Bar-Lev wanted the best design for this new company. He hired Graphic D-signs in New Jersey to create a logo that was rooted in the 1930s to evoke nostalgia. “Nothing is more important than the first impression and that happens before the technician knocks on the door,” he says. “It happens the moment he parks the truck near the home. A great design would elevate the customer’s experience by alleviating, even slightly, the anxiety that occurs when a complete stranger knocks on the door.”

Bar-Lev sought to create an uplifting brand that conjures a sense of happiness — something that says: Vintage charm, modern plumbing. “I wanted the brand to feel approachable in every sense,” he says. “The entire concept of the brand was focused around a woman’s perception to ensure that they felt welcomed and comforted. Even the colors: the teal was modeled after the original Tiffany Blue. The smile, the tip of the hat, all of it had to reflect warmth.”

Bar-Lev spent more than a year researching best practices before officially launching the company. “I immediately joined Nexstar, shadowed plumbing companies that were doing well and spoke to countless people in the business,” he says. “I also read several case studies about customer service pioneering companies such as Zappos.com and Amazon.com to help incorporate similar ethos into my company. Upon getting the first truck and technician, we contacted all of our remodeling customers and offered a free water heater flush, which led to additional work, referrals, etc.”

With a strict focus on service and repair, the company now has 10 employees and six vehicles, covering all of Orange County, Calif. All six vehicles are 2015-2016 Ford Transit, high roof, long wheel base and all are wrapped.

“They have great gas mileage and there is an ease of dealership accessibility for any service or repairs that come up,” Bar-Lev says. “They are also a comfortable ride, feature great interior height and the custom shelving with Hackney bins creates a fair amount of storage space. It is vital that the truck provide both a sense of pride and ease-of-workflow for the technician. If any aspect of the truck was viewed as cumbersome or created even the slightest friction, then the technician would hesitate to go back out to the truck to get the exact tool, an additional towel or proper fitting. Also, the length and height of the truck provide phenomenal branding opportunities.”