Five products from Sloan Valve Co. received endorsement by the Green Restaurant Association for helping the industry become environmentally sustainable:

  • 1 gpf FLUSHMATE IV - saves at least 0.6 gallons with each flush;

  • UpperCut Dual-Flush Retrofit Handle WES-212 - saves up to 0.5 gallons when flushing liquid waste;

  • Optima Solis Faucet EAF-275 - has a 0.5 gpm aerator and is solar-powered;

  • Waterfree Urinal Model WES-100 - has the potential to save tens of thousands of water annually; and

  • Sloan XLerator hand dryer - can save 80 percent energy, compared to other dryers.

The Green Restaurant Association, a national nonprofit organization, provides services in research, consulting, education, marketing and community organizing, and involves restaurants, manufacturers, vendors, grassroots organizations, government, media and restaurant customers.