The 1.1 million-sq. ft. Hawaii Convention Center, located in Honolulu, remodeled a large portion of its original plumbing system with Sloan Valve Co.'s Optima Plus sensor-operated Flushometers for the urinals, and Royal manual Flushometers for the water closets. The only original plumbing fixtures that were retained were 400 Sloan Optima faucets.

At Detroit Metro Airport, the restrooms were retrofitted with 700 Sloan Optima Plus Flushometers to handle fluctuating water pressure demands of more than 3,000 flushes in an eight-hour period, about 270,000 a month.

And at Scoma's in San Francisco, Sloan Optima ETF-80 sensor-operated faucets installed in the restaurant conserve space and water.