Caleffi’s popular Coffee with Caleffi online seminar series continues through fall 2015 with sessions on BIM and hydronics, combustion theory and designing systems for condensing boilers. All webinars are free, but registration is required.

Aug. 20: How to Utilize BIM in Hydronic System Design. Jim Meseke, director of BIM content at ENGworks, discusses how BIM is incorporated into a hydronic system design.  Topics include: BIM vs. conventional CAD; BIM files; types of simulation; application parameters; component substitution; and Caleffi Revit content.

Sept. 17: Combustion: Theory and Concepts for Hydronic Systems. Jody Samuell, manager of engineer education, examines the combustion process and how this effects the operation of the system. Topics include: combustion and what is required for it to occur; oil combustion vs. gas combustion; excess air; the importance of chimney lining; venting categories; and burner styles.

Oct. 22: Designing for Condensing Boiler Performance. Samuell will look at condensing boiler performance and how a hydronic system can be designed to achieve a higher level of performance. Topics include: AFUE and combustion efficiency; the basics of dew point; baseboard and condensing; outdoor reset; balancing the system for efficiency; and designing for Delta-T.

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