Bell & Gossett’s System Syzer software program is available as a mobile application for the Android operating system. Widely recognized as the industry standard for calculating flow rates and pressure drops in piping systems, the System Syzer Android app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Bell & Gossett's System Syzer mobile app for Android

The System Syzer performs several critical calculations and offers a variety of unique features, including:

• Calculating the friction loss and velocity through various pipe types and sizes based on existing fluid conditions.

• Calculating the relationship between fluid temperatures, system flow and heating/cooling load.

• A unique Cv tool that shows the relationship between Cv, flow and head, and accounts for fluid properties.

• A Pipe Length/Pressure Drop tool that interfaces with the other calculators to view the relationship between pipe length, friction loss and total head loss.

• A bundled Circuit Setter/Triple Duty Valve calculator that is useful during the design phase to help predetermine valve settings, and out in the field to determine flow through the valves based on pressure drop readings.